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Each of us were born with an original love blueprint. This blueprint was designed by parents, guardians, and caregivers. Each design was created based on their experiences with love. Sometimes the experiences are healthy. Many times they are not. A redesign of the love blueprint is necessary. This is why The Love Blueprint Coaching program exists. With a healthy and redesigned love blueprint, healing generational traumas is possible. A new and bright future awaits.

What is the Love Blueprint?

A blueprint is the foundation that provides building instructions. The Love Blueprint coaching program

supports clients as they explore the original foundation on which their understanding of love and

relationships is built. Clients are guided on a 12-week journey of examining their original love blueprint,

unpacking beliefs and behaviors, and redesigning a love blueprint that creates capacity to build healthy


What is included?

One-on-One and/or group coaching with Lex Morgan

All materials 

What do clients get out of the program?

-Actionable steps

-Heightened self-awareness and accountability

-Practical tools that cultivate wellness

-A redesigned love blueprint


Fill out this brief application so we can learn more about you and check your email to schedule a FREE discovery call with Lex.

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