Be scared.

Do it anyway.



The Foundation

Our Core Values are:






The Philosophy

When the human condition suffers the quality of life suffers.

When the human condition is well the quality of life improves. Wellness is an individual journey. 

Wellness is achievable. 

Why Emerging Triumphantly exists. 


To emerge is to come out of. To be triumphant is to be victorious. Each of us deserves to rise out of traumatic experiences and circumstances that keeps us in bondage.


What Emerging Triumphantly does. 


Emerging Triumphantly supports families that are committed to healing generational trauma that impacts relationships between parents and children. 


Who Emerging Triumphantly serves.


Emerging Triumphantly serves families that include grandparents, parents, and children who have been impacted by generational trauma. 


How do you know if you have been impacted by generational trauma?


- Are you living out unhealthy patterns with your child(ren)  that were passed down to you?

- Do unhealthy parts of your relationship(s) with your child(ren) mirror the relationship(s) with your parent(s)/guardian(s)?

- Are you determined to "give your children a life that you did not have"?

- Do you wonder if your parenting is "good enough"?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, let's talk!

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"I'm not necessarily the kind of person who just opens

up to anyone or has difficult conversations. You

created a safe space where I felt comfortable to do

those things. The world can be a scary place, but you

are a person who always brings light to it."

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"Ms. Lex is incredibly dedicated to sharing love, wisdom, and altruism every single day. I wouldn't trade my experience with her for anything in the world."

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"Life is hard and confusing as a teenager. Thank you for a place to go to build relationships and learn life skills."